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How to Install Your Own Artificial Turf: A Step-By-Step Guide

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 How to Install Your Own Artificial Turf: A Step-By-Step Guide


If you’re dreaming of a perfect lawn that requires minimal upkeep, artificial turf might just be your answer. It’s the ultimate low-maintenance solution that gives your outdoor space a lush, green look year-round. While installing artificial turf is doable as a DIY project, it’s not without its challenges. If at any point the process seems overwhelming, remember that R.E and Sons Landscaping is ready to lend their expert hand, boasting over 20 years of professional experience.

 Preparing to Lay Artificial Turf

 Assessing Your Needs

Firstly, take the time to consider the specifics of your project. Decide where you want to lay the turf and determine the amount and type you’ll need. This initial step is crucial for a smooth installation process.

Clearing the Area

Next, clear the chosen area of any existing grass, stones, or debris. Achieving a flat surface is key to ensuring your artificial turf lays evenly and looks its best. A flat base will prevent any irregularities that could affect the appearance and longevity of your turf.

Laying the Base

Then, it’s time to lay the base. A solid sub-base is vital for drainage and to provide a sturdy foundation for the turf. Typically, a 3-4 inch layer of crushed rock is spread across the area, which should then be compacted and leveled.

Installing the Turf
 Rolling Out the Turf

Afterwards, roll out your artificial turf over the prepared base. Be sure to let it rest for a couple of hours to allow the blades to settle. This can be a good moment to ensure you’ve got the turf positioned exactly as you want it before securing it in place.

 Securing and Seaming

Subsequently, trim the edges and secure the turf around the perimeter. When it comes to joining seams, it’s essential to align them carefully and use a quality seam tape and adhesive to bind the pieces together without visible gaps.

Finishing Touches

Finally, apply the infill (if needed) to help the turf stand upright and enhance its natural look. Brush the grass to distribute the infill evenly and fluff up the fibers. And just like that, you’ve transformed your space into a green sanctuary!


Why R.E and Sons Landscaping?

However, while the above steps may seem straightforward, perfecting the nuances of a flawless turf installation can be tricky. If precision, professional finish, and quality workmanship are what you’re after, hiring professionals like R.E and Sons Landscaping becomes an excellent choice.

 The Professional Advantage

Moreover, with over two decades in the business, R.E and Sons Landscaping has mastered the art of artificial turf installation. They understand that each space is unique and requires a tailored approach. With their wealth of experience, they ensure every blade of grass sits perfectly in your outdoor haven.


Whether you choose to embark on this landscaping journey yourself or opt for the masters of the craft, a beautiful lawn is within reach. If you’re leaning towards a DIY approach, use this guide as your trusted companion. However, should you need a helping hand, know that R.E and Sons Landscaping is always here to elevate your lawn to professional perfection. Happy turfing!

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